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Tulika Mehrotra is a DC-based author and journalist. Born in Lucknow, India, she grew up in Chicago-land. She received her Bachelors in finance from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and her fashion design degree from the European Institute of Design in Milan, Italy. Following a short stint studying French in Paris, Tulika entered Manhattan’s fashion industry. Intrigued by entertainment’s ability to dictate trends, she soon sought creative outlet in media. Leaving New York behind for Los Angeles, she delved into the evolving media industry with a focus on India.

Along the way, she archived the stories that unfolded around her. When her father urged her to write a book, she dismissed the idea as too exhaustive an endeavor.

“Sure, Dad, maybe some day…”

In July 2011, Penguin Publishing Group purchased two of Mehrotra’s recently completed novels. Delhi Stopover, her first novel, explores the world of India’s evolving fashion landscape and chronicles many of her observations from the global fashion and entertainment industries. Crashing B-Town delves into the world of India’s films, focused specifically on Mumbai.

Tulika is also a contributing writer to Elle, Vogue, Grazia and India Today Magazine and has interviewed several international celebrities and designers. Currently, she is working on her third novel.

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Current Bestseller !

Size matters… especially on the runway.

After breaking off her engagement and facing another crushing blow to her limp acting career in Los Angeles, Lila Kapoor escapes her misery with a trip to India. While visiting her fashion designer cousin in New Delhi, Lila is drawn into the flashy world of high fashion as a model with a powerful talent agency. While exposed to the parties, drugs, and reality of the industry, she soon discovers that her own cousin might need her help. In a challenging career full of opportunities and ambition, deceit and the struggle    to stay forever thin, Lila discovers there are very few friends.

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Taking you behind the scenes of Bollywood

Crashing B-Town International edition

With a lead role in a Hindi film, Lila feels she’s doing the right thing by going to Mumbai. Little does she know that the Bollywood industry – from the opinionated director’s son to the exploitive artists around her; from rumor-mongering media to her egotistical agents – are all trying their best to spoil her dreams. Crashing B-Town explores Lila’s struggles through a highly passionate and glamorous, but also notoriously shady, Hindi film industry.

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Chicago, my love, you are so beautiful. I miss you every day!

26 likes, 0 comments1 day ago

My darlings, Over my tea with lemon this morning, I decided that I want to speak with all of you. And also, why haven’t we already? Stand by…

11 likes, 3 comments5 days ago

Hope and the strength of the human spirit… #love

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People of Nepal – you have everyone’s love and prayers…. be strong.

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Tulikam @Tulikam
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Finally DC feels alive! Live band at coffee shop bar! Not sure what ths writing output will look like tmrw, but right now feels like magic! 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
happiness doesn't arrive uninvited. Leave the door open. 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
all misery just wants an outlet. 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
RT @tomphillipsin: Written in my notebook by homeless young mum stuck in Kathmandu camp for quake survivors w/ 4-yr-old child. Pls share ht… 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Diane von Furstenberg: The Key to Success Is Trusting Yourself http://t.co/WoLAx06Q1G 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Chicago, I need you! Can't stay away for too long. See you next week, my beloved, beautiful city! 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
RT @stephenhawking_: It matters if you just don't give up. 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
RT @Slate: Obama Reportedly Picks Chicago as Site of Presidential Library http://t.co/Ubce8D8JGg 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Two days in a row, I went for a run in Dupont Circle. Surprise of my life. I actually really enjoyed it!! 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
"Be obsessed. Be obsessed. Be obsessed."Elon Musk’s Ex-Wife on What It Takes to Be a Mogul http://t.co/ddISwrUQM6 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
When everything feels crazy, the only answer is to make homemade blueberry banana ice cream and then eat it all. xx! http://t.co/kHT9lDsWW4 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
So wonderful!! Bill Conway of the CarlyleGroup donates 1 million dollars to the Capital Area Food Bank @foodbankmetrodc 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Having a lovely time at the 12th annual blue jeans ball @foodbankmetrodc ! Amazing organization!!! http://t.co/OfYjWxwdXT 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Stay alive. Stay strong. Our prayers are with you! "Nepal Earthquake Kills Hundreds and Levels Buildings in Capital" http://t.co/Z32H2EuIIB 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Sending so much love, healing, compassion to the people of Nepal... 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
To feel helpless raises all kinds of buried misery. To be human is to be broken. When Love obeys only compassion. 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Be everything, with love. 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” - Annie dillard 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
5 reasons it’s time for a 4-day work week http://t.co/Zh30DHC2yQ via @Salon 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
I live in DC and I still haven't seen the cherry blossoms! this has to be breaking some kind of rules... 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
CHICAGO!! Missed you.... 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
@subramanianravi @durjoydatta @authoramish @rashmibansal - so true, this is fact. Let's get @mathur_vaishali and partaay in DC! 
Tulika M  @Tulikam
Thank you for having me, @AIFoundation - it was such a pleasure! For more details, visit: http://t.co/UEUnQUQwSW http://t.co/1Mog0awUqu 


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